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The purpose of this Consortium is to provide the best possible services to the martial world community: We are constantly attempting to improve martial services through such services as:
1. Psi-Lecture Symposium;
2. Article-Lecture Series;
3. Institute Of Martial Studies;
4. Independent Studies Initiative;
5. DVD, Video CD, & VHS Street Combat Training Products;
6. Online Video MPG & AVI Teaching Aides:
The Consortium's big sister collaborative institute is the International Dragon Kenpo Association (I.D.K.A.); under the helm of Grandmaster Rodney Lacey; DK Director Of Operations / 8th Dan Dragon Kenpo Karate! The I.D.K.A. is the sanctioning body for all Dragon Kenpo practioners, schools and clubs nationally and internationally.
A high priority of the D.K.K.C.I. is the promotion of Martial Community World Peace through collaborative efforts of bringing kenpo and karate related national & international organizations, associations, institutes, societies, schools, club's practitioners, independent practitioners, and reaspective students of the Way together in a show of solidarity for the improvement and preservation of the classical, traditional, non-traditional, eclectic, and modern martial arts. So all learn form each other without political scrutiny.
Our representation of organizational colloboration is a who's who in the national & international martial community, as follows:
1.   The Valadez Kenpo Association / Soke Lawerence Valadez;
2.   The  Serrada Escrima Society / Professor Madeline;

3.   Jones Martial Arts Academy; / Master James Jones Jr.;

5.   Dragon Kenpo de Puerto Rico; / Soke Eduardo Lugaro;
6.   Greensboro School Of Wu Shu Lee / Grandmaster Roger Clinard;
7.   Brotherhood Of Martial Artists / Master Douglas V.
8.   Combat Martial Arts Practitioners Association;

9.   Kosho Ryu Kenpo / Grandmaster Thomas Mitose;
10. Kenshin Kan / Grandmaster Fuse Kise;
11. International Sung Ja Do Association / Grandmaster George Petrotta;

12. Martial Arts Association -International / Grandmaster Bernd Hohle;
13. Katabami Jujitsu / Master Alexi Kunin;
14. International Alliance Of Martial Arts Schools;
15. International Combat Martial Arts Union Association / Soke Mihails Pupnish;
16. International Goju Kempo Federation / Grandmaster Giovanni Acevedo;
17. American Federation Of Jujitsu / Soke Jeffery Moore;
18. International Aikido And Jujitsu Federation / Soke Jose Luis Garcia Ortez;
19. Eagle Federation / Soke Dr. Allen Carpenter;
20. World Street Combat Systems Organizization / Grandmaster Frank Schneider;
21. World Nibuikai Budo Federation / Grandmaster D. Benedetto Stumpf;
22. World Martial Arts Masters Society / Grandmaster D. Benedetto Stumpf;
23. World Union Of Sokes /  Soke Grandmaster O' Sensei Carlos Diaz;
24. World Head Of Families Sokeship Council / Soke Grandmaster Frank Sanchez:

Consortium Mission:


The Consortium mission is to not only promote Ed. Hutchison Dragon Kenpo along with it's American, Chinese and Japanese derivatives; such as, Clandestine Black Dragon Kenpo Karatejutsu; Combat Dragon Kenpo and the like. It is to promote the Streetwise Kenpo / Kempo Arts on the Worldwide Martial Community Spectrum. Fusing the Traditional with the Non -Traditional in a major collaborative effort in bringing about non-political, non-biased positive defensive physical expression in failing senseless community violence. We strive to make a difference by educating our members, their communities, and the public through expanding our street combative research in the Martial Way. Amitoufo!

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Christian Kenpo Karate Association Membership  Inquiries may be submitted to CKKA; 887 Verde St; Shafter; CA 93263 or by email at