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Here you will find Soke Hoover's Online Articles, Seminars, and Video Instruction links. The Psi-Lecture Symposium Articles and Online Seminars of Consortium members are also included on this page. 

I have 27 Years Martial Study under Teacher Roger Clinard (Chinese Goju, Shaolin Gung Fu, Taijiquan, Okinawan Karate / 40 years martial arts experience, military special operations) in Shaolin 5 Animal Fist, Taijutsu,Chinese Gung Fu.
Shifu Clinard is closed door (student of Master David ["Little Monk"] Johnson (50 + years martial arts training & teaching experience). Retired Headmaster of Greensboro Shaolin School Of Wu Shu Li.
This year marks my 30th year in martial arts training!

Soke Articles:

Qi Gong Fu For The Dragon Kenpo Practitioner:

Lightening Talons

Black Tiger Eats It's Pray II

Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu Five Fist Eight Trigram Analogies

Okinawan Kenpo

Bai He Quan

When Does The Line Become Circular & Circle Become A Line

Toe-In / Toe-Out Fighting Posture

Dragon Kenpo Basics

Dragon Kenpo / Clandestine Black Dragon Kenpo Karatejutsu & Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu

Poison Fan Qigongfu

Parting The Wind [B]

White Crane Kenpo History

White Crane Kenpo Lab: I

Poison Fan Lab I

White Crane Kenpo Lab II

Dragon Kenpo Lab IV:

Dragon Kenpo Lab V

Yin Kenpo / The Sun Lu Tang Theory Of Chinese Boxing

Splitting Clouds

Poison Fan Fist Transformations

White Crane Kenpo Physics

Yellow Dragon Lights The Night

The Combat Aikido Analysis

Kenpo-Jujitsu Applications For The DK Practitioner

Leaping Three Stars

Dragon Kenpo Karate - An American Kenpo Distant Cousin

Ed. Hutchison Dragon Kenpo And The Ed. Parker American Kenpo Myth

Black Tiger Eats It's Pray I

Black Tiger Eats It's Prey III

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