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Welcome to 2SO4 Publishing!

2SO4 Publishing is the "New Kid On The Publishing Block"; offering major media publishing service packages at reasonably affordable rates to rising new individual independent recording artists, bands, lyricists, and writers! This is where, ["The Rubber Meets The Road"] in local, national and worldwide media A&R communication.

We will get you the autograph signings, special appearences, talk show spots; (local, regional, & national), industry magazine articles & photo shoots. Yes, all of the glitter & glamor you need to expose your true musical expressive ideal. 

Yet, most of all, we will get you ('Paid For Your Productive Efforts')!  

Come grow with us in the establishment of a family of prominent national and international media performance professionals. 'Go with the Muscle'! The 2SO4 Muscle Machine Family Of Artists.

2SO4 Administrative Publishers ASCAP


To provide administrative publishing services, and some creative services, to present and new songwriters, bands, groups, and lyricists.] Under the ASCAP umbrella 2SO4 will provide services consisting of the following two categories:

1. Administrative:

A. Copyright Registration Of Works;
B. Registration Of Copyrighted Works;
C. Licensing Of Works Through The American Society Of Authors Composers And Publishers;
D. Sub-Licensing Of Foreign Works; [Harry Fox Agency]
E. Writer Royalty Collections;
F. Record Label Pressing Of Works Collections;
G. Mechanical Royalty Collections;
H. Licensing Copyrighted Works To Record Labels;
I. Synchronization Royalty Collections;
J. Synchronization Requisite Licensing;
K. General Promotional Packages;
L. Non-Profit Gospel Publishing:
M. Local Music Label Promotions;
N. Local TV Promotions;
O. Local Public Access Channel Promotions;
P. Local CD Consignment Sales Promotions;
Q. Local Music Industry Magazine, Newsletter, Newspaper, & Appearance Promotions;
R. National Music Industry Magazine, Newsletters, & Radio Promotions;
S. Local Autograph / CD Signing;
T. Local TV Talk Show Appearances;

2. Creative: Special Promotion Packages:

A. National Autograph / CD Signing;
B. Out Of State Radio Advertising;
C. Out Of State TV Advertising;
D. Non-Local Radio & TV Advertising;
E. Music Video Production VCD;
F. Music Video Production DVD;
G. Music Video Production and Performance Online;
H. Online XM Radio & Radio Appearances;
I. Ring Tone Package;
J. National CD Consignment Sales Promotions;

3. Creative: General And Special Package Fees:

A. General Video Music Production Package:

1. Full Admin Package [A – T]
2. Artist / Band Bio: Video Production: $90.00 / Month

B. Special Video Production Package:

1. Music Video Production DVD [1 Per Year]: $300.00
2. Music Video Production VCD [1 Per Year]: $150.00
3. Music Video Production DVD [ 3 Video’s Per Year]: $750.00
4. Music Video Production VCD [ 3 Video’s Per year]: $325.00
5. Music Video Production VCD/DVD Combo [ 1 Each Per Year]: $225.00

C. Special Music Video Record Label / Motion / Radio Presentation Packages:

1. General VCD or DVD Band Introductions: [5-15 Minutes]: $55.00
3. General VCD or DVD Band Radio Credit Roll, Musical Sounds, Effects, Spot Song Plays, Radio Talk Show Themes, Commercials, etc,! [5-15] Minutes] $65.00

Your Success Is Our Goal: Special Packages For Artists, Writers, Bands, & Vocalists:

Music Video CD & DVD Production:
Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

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2SO4 Publishing * 2516 Corinth Drive * Greensboro * North Carolina * 27406
Phone: [336] 324-0421