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Reggie's Design Studio: Architectural Residential, Commercial, & Engineering Designer:

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Designing Your Future Today!

Residential Home Construction Tips Video CD
Reggie's "Construction Tips For First Time Home Owners" gives you the insight's  in choosing a builder. You will prepare a basic private construction punchlist which will provide checks & balances during the beginning, intermediate and final phases of your home construction process.  


Floor Plan Video CD
Reggie will start you out with 6 basic floor plan designs that you can interchange to plan your new dream home. This CD is for the creative conceptual mindset. If you meet these qualifications; then your new home plan is at the touch of your fingertips. 


Basic Design Your Own Home DVD 
Reggie will guide you step by step in the basic design process of your new dream home. Discuss concepts, methods and room by room planning. Reggie will even take you through the basic design phase of preparing your floor plan, adding economical extras from excess block & brick  material, and more!  This video CD is a must for the First Time Buyer; Owner that wishes to  Add-On; and New First Time Investor.  

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