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Reggie's Design Studio: Architectural Residential, Commercial, & Engineering Designer:

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The Design Studio Offers The  Following Services:
1.   Residential Floor-Plan Development For Additions
2.   Commercial Floor-Plan Development For
3.   Residential Planning & Consulting
4.   Commercial Planning & Consulting
5.   Residential Foundation Development For Additions
6.   Residential Foundation Development For Single    
       & Multi-Family Construction
8.   Residential Landscape Planning & Consulting For
9.   Commercial Design
10. Residential Subdivision Design For Developers
11. Residential & Commercial Specifications
12. Private Individual Owner-Contractor-Realtor
       Approved Residential Designs

Welcome To Reggie's:

This studio offers a wide array of residential design services to the public in the areas of:
1. Private Owner Construction Documents, (Residential Additions);
2. Single & Multi-Family Construction Documents:
3. Specialized Construction Documents, ( Gazebo's, Indoor Handball Courts, etc,.
4. Specialized Frist-Time Buyer Home Design Planning:
5. Owner Specified-Contractor Approved Design Planning:
6. Residential Design Specifications Writing:
7. Residential Project Estimating:
8. Bidding Instructions:
9. Construction Project Management.  

Here we may display a picture of this month's special:

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Residential Additions:
Prospective New Owners:
Independent Developers:
Residential Developers:
Existing Home Owner Investors:

Reggie's Design Studio * 2516 Corinth Drive * Greensboro, N.C. * US * 27406