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How Can I Join?

The D.K.K.C.I. is open to all martial arts stylists; both traditional, non-traditional and independent martial artists whom seek a non-biased; non-political organizational environment.
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Who Can Join?

The Consortium offers sanctioning, certification, and promotion in a wide variety of street combat oriented styles; as well as several kenpo areas. The BDCCI also offers several styles to it's "Closed Door" student base. The following is a list of areas which we offer certification:
1. Brown Belt Associate Instructor;
2. Brown Belt Associate Assistant Instructor;
3. Brown Belt Assistant Instructor;
4. Black Belt Certified Instructor;
5. Black Belt Chief / Head Instructor;
6. Black Belt Master Instructor;
7. Sifu Certified Instructor;
8. Founder / Headmaster;
9. Cross - Ranking In Related Style Only;
10.Charter Annual Membership;
11. Charter Life Membership:
anybody interested in the issues and topics we focus our efforts on to join. Members must be able to dedicate enough time to participate and make a difference in the organization.

The Benefits Of D.K.K.C.I. Membership:

Becoming a DKKCI member means being a representative of the future of street combat martial arts. It means being a creative player in the deterrence of world wide violence and an ambassador for world peace. We are a consortium of research and commitment to the martial community. Of course we have a common interest, and strive in the furtherence of this cause.


Christian Kenpo Karate Association Membership  Inquiries may be submitted to CKKA; 887 Verde St; Shafter; CA 93263 or by email at