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Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu (a.k.a.) "White Crane Kenpo":


White Crane Kenpo History & Philosophical Theory:



Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu


White Crane Kenpo


The Creed Of Martial Virtue Is This Oath Of The Kenpojutsuka to; establish a positive relationship of peace and harmony with oneself, one’s family, one’s environment, the martial arts community, and the elements of mother nature. The dojo of the Virtuous Crane is one of respect, honor, humility, courage, and integrity for self, and all others whose path which they may encounter. These virtues of the Crane's Law Of The Dragon’s Fist reveal the enlightened spirit of one’s Busan, ( ‘Martial Creativity’) of self.
For the true dojo is the one within our heart!


                                                 The History Of
                                       Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu:

Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu was founded in May 2001. It is a very new and very brutal martial street combative. Founded by Sensei Reginald Hoover, Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu embodies the suttas of suffering , virtue, enlightenment, and wisdom  of the ancient nuns, monks, and sages, in it's intrepretation of five fist eight trigram methodology in brutally expressive physical street combat effectiveness, against very violent agression. Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu is translated as "Virtuous Cranes Law Of The Dragon's Fist". The Dragon is the representation of the, enlightenment and wisdom of the ancient nuns, monks, sages, as this enlightment reveals the eight trigram analysis of crane style boxing. Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu is my street combative interpretation or derivative of both the Chinese Kung Fu, And Okinawan Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu Systems, in which i have studied; chinese kungfu (1977 to present) and shorin ryu  (1985 to present). The chinese kung fu 5 fist method is expressed through the understanding of the eight trigrams of the bagua. There are many older and more recent martial art's styles which have incorporated the eight trigrams of the bagua into their systems.  Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu by no means, acknowledges it's methods with those used within the more complex chinese martial art system of baguazhang! The name, butokutsuru ryu kenpojutsu comes from my honoring of the okinawan martial tradition and their intrepretation of the chinese shaolin white crane system. Although, a very young system, butokutsuru ryu's father systems of okinawan hakutsuru and shaolin white crane can be traced back through Bushi Matsumura and Karate Sakugawa to the Ancient Chinese Shaolin Temples respectively!

A Non-Traditional System Of Tradition:

Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu is an eclectic non-traditional very brutal martial street combative. The system is composed of three major elements; the eight trigram analogy of the 5 fist method, butoku (martial virtue), and busan (martial creativity). These three elements define the character of the martial way of body, mind, and spirit respectively.
Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu has another side to it! The techniques and gong forms are designed for the practice of health and fitness. This electic non-traditional brutal martial street combative consists of challenging kicking and kneeing combinations which can also be used, along with explosive jin expressions of the upper extremities, through busan in the execution of competitive  forms in martial arts tournament miscellaneous exhibition categories! This brutal street combative's gentle side reveals to it's practioners the nature of the warrior's spirit and heart. There are no set kata or set forms to memorize; only the basic white crane qigong forms to study the creative analogies of the 5 fist, 8 trigram methodology which exist within the mystries of the bagua!


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Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu "Poison Fan 5 Form Women's Street Combative":

The 5 Fist 8 Trigram Chinese Boxing Of White Crane Kenpo:


Welcome To The Virtuous Crane's Law Of The Dragon's Fist!
Copyright 2006 Soke Reginald Hoover; All Rights Reserved By Dragon Kenpo Karate Consortium:

Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu is an eclectic non- traditional martial system of street combat which has other possibilities of martial application. Although it is a non-traditional martial arts system, it's success lies within the system's intrepretation of traditional martial arts values. As you can see, the system's name itself is a very traditional one, based on the extraction of martial knowledge of the ancients. This knowledge ia adapted for modern day methods. The forms and technique titles remind you of the ancient temple forms used in the art of war! "Butoku" translates as 'Martial Virtue'; while "Tusuru", translates as 'Crane'; "Ryu", translates as "Style or System"; "Kenpo", translates as 'Law Of The Fist', or Fist Law'. "Jutsu", translates as 'The Theory And Principle Of Throwing'. So, "Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu", translates as 'The Virtuous Crane's Law Of The Dragon's Fist'. The "Dragon" represents the wisest of the martial practitioner's creativity in street combative technique applications. Though there are technique names in "Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu", since it is a Fist Law Martial System, which mimic modern American fist law titles. Their respective applications are based on both ancient and modern theories of conceptualities and methods of locking, kicking, striking, breaking, dodging, and throwing, etc,!
The 'Chi Kung or Qi Gong Forms' introduced in "Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu" are based on the ancient theories of Motion, Meditation, Spirituality, and Bone Strengthening, which are composed of both Internal and External Forms. The External Forms representing the "Martial Fighting-Jin Patterns". "Jin" translates as the 'Manifestation Of "Qi", Exerted In A Physical Form". This physical exertion is done by your Muscular Strength in the form of Kneeing, Elbowing, Punching, Kicking, and Breaking Of The Body's Natural Weapons and Striking Of Vital Points! These "Jin Patterns" are actual combative motions, which were created to utilize in the understanding and combative applications of "Busan", 'Martial Creativity' in combat technique executions. Thus, "The Virtuous Crane's Law Of The Dragon's Fist" has another side. This side is beneficial to the health and welfare of all those whom should choose to become it's practitioners. Although "Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu is a Street Combative Martial System, it can be easily adapted for Tournament Competition in the Forms and Kumite, or Fighting Division(s)! Since the technique names remind you of the old temple structure, these techniques can be considered a representation of Form. Let us consider the Second Brown Belt Technique entitled "Descending Lotus Mountain", which uses a series of jumping, leaping and/or flying knee lifts to the attacker's vital areas. The three continuous flying knees to the attacker's ribs, floating ribs, and elbow end with a Thrusting Flying Front Kick To The Abdomen. This technique could be adapted for forms competition to consist of  three lift, Flying Thrusting Front Kick Combinations. This would be a graceful site to see the competitor expressing the series in Three Continuous Bursts Of Creativity; and an added plus to the competitor's routine. Thus, this martial system is only as limited as it's practitioner's creativity.
1. FIRE TRIGRAM, (Li/Shao Yin)/Snake and Eagle's Talon Fist.
2. EARTH TRIGRAM, (Kun/Tai Yin)/ Tiger, Dragon and Crane Fist.
3. LAKE TRIGRAM, (Dui/Tai Yang)/ Tiger, and Leopard Fist.
4. HEAVEN TRIGRAM, (Qian/Tai Yang)/ Dragon and Crane Fist.
5. WATER TRIGRAM, (Kan/Shao Yang)/ Snake, Eagle's Talon and Tiger Fist.
6. MOUNTAIN TRIGRAM, (Gen/Tai Yin)/ Leopard, Eagle's Talon and Snake Fist.
7. THUNDER TRIGRAM, (Zhen/Shao Yin)/ Dragon and Crane Fist.
8. WIND TRIGRAM, (Xun/Shao Yang)/ Leopard, Crane, And Dragon Fist
I would like to acknowledge my Kung Fu Sifu of the Wushu School! The Shodan technique  entitled "Black Lotus-Iron Mountain" bares his name. Sifu, Roger Cinard, "Bird", Thanks A Million! 'Created For The Mean Streets Of The City', yet, just as effective for Competition: Therefore, "Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu is as versatile as it's "Busan", 'Martial Creativity'". 
Sabba papassa akaranam / Avoid all evil! 

Ami Tou Fou!


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