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Poison Fan Womens Street Combat


Grandmaster Reginald Hoover

Judan / Kenpo-Jujutsu:

Copyright 2011 Property of Dragon kenpo Karate Consortium International



Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu

Poison Fan Concepts


Grandmaster Reginald Hoover

10th Dan Kenpo-Jujutsu

Copyright 2007-2011
All Rights Reserved By D.K.K.C.I.

The Poison Fan Street Combat system provides an even playing field for the small woman against a substantially larger male or female attacker. Thus, physical expressive martial creativity is the key element in which the female poison fan stylist uses in failing any aggressive assault. Therefore, determining martial creativity is exposed as many forms of significance by the poison fan stylist.

These forms of significance are as follows:
1. Size, Weight, & Height Differential,
2. Verbal & Non-Verbal Confrontation,
3. Weapon & Non-Weapon Confrontation,
4. Single & Multiple Defensive Confrontation,
5. Paved & Non-Paved Area Confrontation,
6. Cold & Warm Weather Confrontation,
7. Dry & Wet Weather Condition Confrontation,
8. Indoor & Outdoor Confrontation.
Therefore, each form is accessed individually and as a collective group in any violent confrontation. Yet, these eight forms can be broken down by the poison fan stylist as primary and secondary in significance. The secondary forms consist of those obvious to the practitioner before any confrontation occurs.

They are; A. Paved & Non-Paved Area Confrontation,
B. Cold & Warm Weather Confrontation,
C. Indoor & Outdoor Confrontation,
D. Dry & Wet Weather Confrontation.

Thus, all secondary significance suggests natural mental aptitude of observation and visual perception. This is not to suggest that the confrontation physical environment cannot change from dry to wet; cold to warm, indoor to outdoor, or any combination of such! Yet, it does suggest that the poison fan stylist must be creatively adaptive in her defensive environmental counter-attacking skills development.

So, from the house to the car; the kitchen to the living room to the back outdoor deck. The front door to the front porch in the rain, snow, sleet, or hot summer sun. She must be well versed in effective physical expressive fan motion!
This leads us to the forms of primary significance.

They are as follows:
A. Size, Weight, & Height Differential
B. Verbal & Non-Verbal Confrontation
C. Weapon & Non-Weapon Confrontation
D. Single & Multiple Weapon Confrontation

Primary significance forms A-D immediately suggest that the female poison fan stylist must physically express devastatingly brutal and potentially fatal streetwise defensive counter-striking skills.
D. Lets, examine the multiple weapon (handgun) disarm senerio as the female stylist attempts opening her car door at a local store parking lot at night.
Note: [Let’s be truthful about any weapon attack. If it starts at medium too long range. It can be effective in abducting any defender]! Only at close range does the stylist have a chance at using their respective street combat skills in failing an immediate attack!
Da. Left & Right Hand Rules For Trapping Motion:

First, let’s acknowledge that;
1. [If the female defender is left handed; then her left hand will produce a small circle outward trapping motion].

2. [If she is right handed, her right hand will produce the small circle outward trapping motion].
Now let us assume that our small female defender is left-handed.

The two attackers are at her left and right sides respectively, holding their hands guns at her head on either side. The attacker on her right side holds his pistol with his right hand at her right temple area. The attacker on her left side holds his pistol with his right hand just over the top of her left ear at the middle side of her face at the left brain.

In this particular attacking case, the left-handed female defender makes rule #1. or the [Left Hand Rule NULL & Void] and the RIGHT HAND RULE APPLIES!

Why? Both attackers are right handed and holding their hand-gun weapons in their right hands at her head on oppoiste sides respectively. The attacker on her right has his weapon on the frontal facial side of her body at the temple area. The typical left hand rule would push the attacker’s weapon away from her face with her right hand toward the car, or into the car.

Thus, her typical trapping motion would be as follows:
A. Her right hand will execute a forward inward
parrying trapping motion.
B. Her left hand will execute the small circle outward trapping motion.

This in turn leaves her open to the attacker’s left fist assualt; and

C. The attacker on her left side would have enough time to disharge is weapon, injuring her due to her head moving slightly backward; then forward. Thus, the left hand rule would get her fatally injured in this attack case senerio!
Therefore, the right hand rule applies, even though she is left handed in this particular case. Yet, this typical trapping motion has to be modified to fit this special multiple-attack situation.
Thus, this typical trapping motion would be as follows:

AA. She would execute at right circular outward trapping motion against the attacker on her right; and
BB. Execute a simultaneous left hand inward parrying motion for the attacker on her left side. Pushing the attacker’s pistol toward or onto the car.

This would position both attackers’ right arms and legs to her outside respectively. Yet, it would also allow the attacker on her right to discharge his weapon as it passed across her right facial area; starting at her temple and cover the complete right side of her face!

X. The poison fan female stylist must execute a right circular upward outside trapping motion, rising the pistol at her temple above her head as she;
Y. Executes a quick left circular inward push trapping parry simulteaneously as her head turns to her right. These simultaneous trapping motions will position both attackers to her outside right and left respectively. This will turn both attackers waists away from her and inward to their left.

Thus, preventing both attackers from countering across their bodies.

Therefore, both of the attackers outside, right-side bodily areas are then exposed to counter-attack.
Now let us finish this multiple weapon hand-gun confrontation.

As the female defender simultaneously executes her blocking traps with both hands. Her head turns right and waist whips right as she delivers a crushing right spin thrust kick to the attacker’s lead right knee, breaking it.

Thus, leaning her attacker inward toward her as she quickly slant slips her right thumb [palm outward & counter-clockwise flip palm down] into the attackers’ thumb grip on the pistol. She then executes a palm down push on the top of the hand-gun, single-palm pressing downward as she claws the attackers’ thumb counter-clockwise and outward. Therefore, press-clawing the gun from the attacker’s hand as she turns her attention to the left side attacker.
Z. The poison fan stylist now pulls the attackers’ trapped right arm forward slightly with her left hand. She quickly shifts her weight
onto her right leg and delivers a crushing left thrusting side kick to the attacker’s right leg lead knee. Breaking it!

As she executes a circular right open-palm counter-clockwise pushing palm down pressing strike to the top of the pistol. Simultaneously lodging her right thumb between the attacker’s right thumb grip as she pushes outward with her left hand trap against the attackers’ wrist and tiger claw pulls the trapped gun hand at the wrist backward. Quickly pulling downward on the trapped pistol to dislodge it from the attacker’s hand into her right hand.

She then covers out and fires one shot into the air to alert the authorities as she screams for help from the store clerk or passersby!
Note: What if the attackers each held their handguns in their left hands in this senerio? What if the attacker on the left held his gun in the right hand and the right side attacker held his gun in his left hand in their attempted abduction, robbery, etc,
or vice-versa?
Thus, it is very clear from the above statements that martial creativity in adaptive skills execution and application give any stylist, male or female the advantage in countering defense against attempted weapons attack!

CONCLUSION: The Wudang Analogy:

In conclusion there exists several major points in this multiple handgun attack senerio. [Remember that each and every hand gun attack situation is different and must be taken with precise precaution in defensive counter-attacking expression]. The martial stylist must train with the reality of possible or probable minor failure in attempting weapons disarming. Whether the counter defensive is gun defense, knife defense, club defense or some derivation of each!
We will start the analogy with the understanding that the above counter multiple handgun defensive will not effectively work if the physical execution of the above techniques are not followed basically to the letter.
To prove this, let us consider the following:
1. The female stylist’s head must turn right in order to avoid possible discharge of the left side attacker’s gun [either by mistake, accident, or intention] to fail the countering attempt. If the gun did discharge, then there is at least a 50% chance that the attacker will shoot his partner in crime. This is due to the right side attacker’s body position in respect to the female defender executing her right hand trapping motion! [Please refer to ‘Y’ above for a complete discription of prior statement]!
2. The female defender must consider that her right side attackers’ weapon has at least a 50% chance of discharge. So, the possibility of the right side attacker shooting his left side partner is reasonably probable!
3. The female defender must be street combat proficient in the skills and knowledge of Wugong Motion.
4. The female defender must execute her right-wrist trapping technique ending with her right-hand perpendicular to the attackers’ right wrist holding the handgun.
If this does not occur, then the possible probability of her attacker turning his trapped wrist into her arm and discharging the weapon is very likely!
Thus, allowing the attacker to succeed in this explosively violent attempt of probable fatality!
So, the female defender must trap with the knowledge, skill, and application of the Shaolin concept of ‘Shooting Zen’, combined with the application of Eagle Claw, and Qin Na tools! This is of the so-called external school of martial thought. Yet, the female defender cannot depend on just the external in such of an explosively violent situation.

She must also have the knowledge, skill and applications of some theory and methods within the internal martial school of thought.

They are as follows;
A. Wugong theory, & concepts;
B. The Wudang knowledge of Yin / Yang theory in relation to combat;
C. Wudang concepts of waist & stepping motion;
D. Wudang soft-hard and hard-soft motion dynamics;
E. Wudang breath control methods:

5. The female defender must quickly & skillfully execute each countering motion with patience, internal strength, and devastation of power!

Finally I will conclude this analogy with interpretations from Excerpts From The Theregata Sutta!

Subha & the Libertine:
Subha, an arahant nun living alone in the forest, is hounded by a man who lusts after her. The "special gift" that she finally hands to him instantly brings about a change in his heart!
1. 'Your eyes are like those of a fawn,
like those of a sprite in the mountains.
Seeing your eyes, my sensual delight
grows all the more.
Like tips they are, of blue lotuses,
in your golden face
-- spotless:
Seeing your eyes, my sensual delight
grows all the more.
Even if you should go far away,
I will think only of your pure,
long-lashed gaze,
for there is nothing dearer to me
than your eyes, O nymph with the languid regard.'
'You want to stray from the road,
you want the moon as a plaything,
you want to jump over Mount Sineru,
you who have designs on one born of the Buddha.
For there is nothing anywhere at all
in the cosmos with its gods,
that would be an object of passion for me.
I don't even know what that passion would be,
for it's been killed, root & all, by the path.
Like embers from a pit -- scattered,
like a bowl of poison -- evaporated,
I don't even see what that passion would be,
for it's been killed, root & all, by the path.
Try to seduce one who hasn't reflected on this,
or who has not followed the Master's teaching.
But try it with this one who knows
and you suffer.
For in the midst of praise & blame,
pleasure & pain,
my mindfulness stands firm.
Knowing the unattractiveness
of things compounded,
my mind cleaves to nothing at all.
I am a follower of the one well-gone,
riding the vehicle of the eightfold way:
My arrow removed, effluent-free,
I delight, having gone to an empty dwelling.
For I have seen well-painted puppets,
hitched up with sticks & strings,
made to dance in various ways.
When the sticks & strings are removed,
thrown away, scattered, shredded,
smashed into pieces, not to be found,
in what will the mind there make its home?
This body of mine, which is just like that,
when devoid of dhammas doesn't function.
When, devoid of dhammas, it doesn't function,
in what will the mind there make its home?
Like a mural you've seen, painted on a wall,
smeared with yellow orpiment,
there your vision has been distorted,
meaningless your human perception.
Like an evaporated mirage,
like a tree of gold in a dream,
like a magic show in the midst of a crowd --
you run blind after what is unreal.
Resembling a ball of sealing wax,
set in a hollow,
with a bubble in the middle
and bathed with tears,
eye secretions are born there too:
The parts of the eye
are rolled all together
in various ways.'
Plucking out her lovely eye,
with mind unattached
she felt no regret.
'Here, take this eye. It's yours.'
Straightaway she gave it to him.
Straightaway his passion faded right there,
and he begged her forgiveness.
'Be well, follower of the holy life.
This sort of thing
won't happen again.
Harming a person like you
is like embracing a blazing fire,
It is as if I have seized a poisonous snake.
So may you be well. Forgive me.'
And released from there, the nun
went to the excellent Buddha's presence.
When she saw the mark of his excellent merit,
her eye became
as it was before.


Defense Against A Two Handed Wrist Grab:

1. Mirror your stance to the attackers lead leg attempt.
2. As he grabs your right right wrist with both hands, deliver a trail leg frontal stomping kick to the attacker's lead knee breaking it and contour to the lead knee shin for further damage.
3. Deliver with a right looping elbow to the left side of the attacker's head as followed by a left inverted leopards fist upper-cutting strike to the attacker's throat.
4. Reach up and grab the attacker's left ear and forcefully pull the head downward.
5. Finish by stepping forward with your right leg to deliver a right downward elbow strike to the back of the attackers neck and cover out!

Source: Seng Ping Tao [Path Of The Warrior Monk]:


"In traditional practices of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, numerous plants have been used to treat cognitive disorders, including neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). An ethnopharmacological approach has provided leads to identifying potential new drugs from plant sources, including those for cognitive disorders. Many drugs currently available in Western medicine were originally isolated from plants, or are derived from templates of compounds isolated from plants. Some anticholinesterase (anti-ChE) alkaloids isolated from plants have been investigated for their potential in the treatment of AD, and are now in clinical use. Galantamine, isolated from several plants including Lycoris radiata Herb, which was used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is licensed in the United Kingdom for the treatment of mild to moderate AD. Various other plant species have shown pharmacological activities relevant to the treatment of cognitive disorders, indicating potential for therapeutic use in disorders such as AD. This article reviews some of the plants and their active constituents that have been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and TCM for their reputed cognitive-enhancing or antiageing effects. Plants and their constituents with pharmacological activities that may be relevant for the treatment of cognitive disorders, including enhancement of cholinergic function in the central nervous system (CNS), anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities, are discussed".

'Howes, M.J. and Houghton, P.J. Plants used in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine for improvement of memory and cognitive function. Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior 75(3):513-27'.




The Ed Hutchison Dragon Kenpo System:

The original Ed. Hutchison DK Orange Belt Curriculum consists of “Twelve” Techniques. Eight Orange, and Four Advanced Orange; with most of the preceeding ones considered variations of the first or original beginning techniques!

The Clandestine Black Dragon Kenpo Karatejutsu Orange Belt Curriculum actually defines the original technique as the basic concept; and each variant technique as a separate individual concept. Each individual variant concept is again redefined by being assigned a basic 5 animal-fist analogy; with the option of the floating-fist of the eagle’s clawing talon-fist as the sixth analytical striking, trapping, clawing, and gouging concept.

Thus, the DKKCI Orange Belt Master Study is defined as the following defensive counter-attacking concepts per technique;

1. Original Ed. Hutchison Standard DK Technique;
2. [ Standard Technique executed as Stand-Up Jujitsu];
3. [ Standard Technique executed as Combat-Judo];
4. [ Standard Technique executed as Contact-Manipulation];
5. [ Standard executed as Strangulation Technique];
6. [ Standard Technique executed as Aiki-Projection].

The techniques numbered 2-6 are further defined by being assigned their respective animal-fist blocking, striking, clawing, and gouging, analogies. This gives us 1 original + 5 = 6 x 8 = 48 Standard + [4+20] =24 Advanced = 72 Techniques Total:

They are as follows;

1st Technique:

1. Stand-Up Jujitsu; Dragon’s Head:
2. Combat-Judo; Single Finger Snake Hooked Spear:
3. Contact Manipulation; Crane’s Beak:
4. Strangulation; Leopard Fist:
5. Aiki-Projection; Tiger Fist:

Each of the other techniques are given this same definition concept in execution, application, and delivery. They are now ready for physical usage as variation of the original DK Standard technique, or individualized as separate gong fu, qin-na, jujitsu, judo, karate-jutsu, and aiki-jutsu, techniques for producing their own respective derivatives.

Separated, the techniques are now, below the surface to be re-defined as not only combining traditional kenpo / kempo / chuan fa, circular blocking and linear striking; but as circular blocking and circular striking combinations as well.

These defensive combinations can now be expressed under any given counter-attacking situation. Thus, producing defensive speed-blocking and strategic speed-striking, combinations! So, now the similarities of modern day Chinese, Okinawan, Kara-Ho, American, Kosho Ryu, and Shaolin Chuan Fa / Kempo / Kenpo etc, can be expressively seen within our Black Dragon Kenpo Defensive Arsenal.

Therefore, proving the Orange Belt as the true foundation of all kenpo upper and lower extremity separate and combined motion analogies! So, Dragon Kenpo creates it's substyle of Clandestine Black Dragon Kenpo Karatejutsu.

Now , if you have not figured why, 72 techniques to the Clandestine Black Dragon Kenpo Karatejutsu Orange Belt? The answer may expose some clarity if you consider Shaolin Gung Fu History! Our CBDKKJ 72 Orange Belt Techniques honor the Founding of the Original Ed. Hutchison Dragon Kenpo as it was derived from Shaolin Gung Fu in representation of Shaolin's original 'Jin Jing Zhong' or "Training Methods of 72 Arts of Shaolin"!

Defense Against An Angled Rear Side Choking Attack

Copyright 2007-2012
All Rights Reserved by
Dragon Kenpo Karate Consortium International

Defense Against A Right Rear Side Choking Attack:

A. As the attacker attempts a quick rush right rear side choke. Placing his/her left hand around the left side of your neck and right hand around the right frontal side of your neck.
1. Step back with your right leg into a back bent legged stance as you
2. Reach over the attacker’s right arm with your left hand, trapping the attacker’s left arm just above the wrist.
3. Executing a small circle outward blocking motion under the attacker’s right & left arms; deliver an upward palm strike to the left elbow of the attacker’s left arm as you pull upward rotating the attacker’s trapped arm clockwise. Thus, turning the attacker’s left palm and elbow too the sky!
4. Right palm compression pressing quickly, down on the attacker’s elbow as you pull the left arm outward extending the arm in tension,
5. Deliver a speedy right palm down recoiling knife –hand strike to the left side of the attacker’s neck as you quickly continue you right hand motion clockwise horizontally. Transforming the recoiling strike into a vicious closed two-finger pulling eagle’s claw raking strike into the attacker’s left eye.
6. Quickly flipping you right wrist clockwise as you right hand motion continues into a transforming right palm-up hammer-fist upper cut to the attack’s mid to upper left ribcage. Breaking them.
7. Quckly rotate your right-wrist counter clockwise in the execution of a rising open palm over head crape as you deliver a crushing right downward elbow strike to the attacker’s left shoulder.
8. Shoot your right hand through across the left shoulder to his/her chest area and reverse the motion. Delivering a right hand reverse open buddha palm thumb gouge to the attacker’s left eye.
9. Flipping you right wrist counter-clockwise into a rising open palm crape. Deliver a crushing downward (iron palm slap) or palm heel strike to the left elbow of the attacker. Crushing it, as you release the trapped left arm and cover. Thus, providing your escape route!






Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu
Poison Fan
Street Combat Fanning
3rd Brown Belt

Street Combat Natural Weapon Fans:

1. Single Right Opening Fan;
2. Single Right Closing Fan;
3. Single Left Opening Fan;
4. Single Left Closing Fan;
5. Double Frontal Opening Fans;
6. Double Frontal Closing Fans;
7. Double Right Opening Fans;
8. Double Left Opening Fans;
9. Double Right Closing Fans;
10. Double Left Closing Fans;
11. Single Right Cutting Fan;
12. Single Left Cutting Fan;
13. Single Frontal Cutting Fan;
14. Double Right Cutting Fans;
15. Double Left Cutting Fans;
16. Double Frontal Cutting Fans;
17. Single Right Slicing Fan;
18. Single Left Slicing Fan;
19. Single Right Clockwise Rotating Fans;
20. Single Left Clockwise Rotating Fans;
21. Single Right Darting Fans;
22. Single Left Darting Fans:

Amitoufo! “Buddha Bless You”


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