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Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu


White Crane Kenpo


The Creed Of Martial Virtue Is This Oath Of The Kenpojutsuka to; establish a positive relationship of peace and harmony with oneself, one’s family, one’s environment, the martial arts community, and the elements of mother nature. The dojo of the Virtuous Crane is one of respect, honor, humility, courage, and integrity for self, and all others whose path which they may encounter. These virtues of the Crane's Law Of The Dragon’s Fist reveal the enlightened spirit of one’s Busan, ( ‘Martial Creativity’) of self. For the true dojo is the one within our heart!


Poison Fan Street Combat:


The Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu "POISON FAN":

This Beautiful And Devastating Street Combat System Was Created With The Woman In Mind. An Integral Part Of The Complete Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu Street Combative System; The Poison Fan Combines The Woman's Grace With The Gifted Motion Dynamics Of Survival Within The Concepts Of Busan (Martial Creativity) And Butoku (Martial Virtue) To Form A Formidable Street Fighting System Of Unparalleled Defensive Skill For The Female Practitioner.

The POISON FAN Is Composed Of The Following;

1. The 5 Short Form Sets;
2. Animal Fist Striking Analogies;
3. Okinawan Karate Methods;
4. Chinese Kenpo Motion Dynamics;
5. Chinese Stationary & Moving Gong Exercises;
6. Wu Dong Motion Concepts:

Thus, Short Forms 1-5 Blend Okinawan Free Form With Chinese Posture And Motion Methods To Reveal A Rather Astonishingly Beautiful Set Of Devastatingly Effective Street Combat Levels Of Infinitely Progressive Physical Defensive Expression. Each Short Form Reveals A Higher Level Of Street Combat Skill For The Woman Stylist. Posion Fan Is Recommended For Young Women 16 Years -Mature Adults 50 Years And Over!

In The Opening Fans Defensive Of Short Form 1 Reveals To The Stylist The Following;

1. Circular Motion In Inward Blocking & Striking;
2. Introducing The Single And Double Circular Fans;
3. Introducing Single And Double Animal Fist Fanning;
4. Circular Blocking Motions Forming Street Effective Circular Fan Striking Motions;
5. Introducing Forward And Reverse Circular Fanning;
6. Okinawan Sanchin Style Arm Strengthing;
7. Introducing The Blended Chinese & Okinawan Combat Footwork: (The Toe-In, Toe-Out Fusion Of Ma-ai In Street Combat Footwork Applications): etc, etc, !



Great Masters Make Great Grandmasters:



Stand At Attention, Bow While Exhaling And Pushing Palms Down, Thumbs Facing Each Other:


1. Inhale While Stepping Forward With Right Leg Crossed Over Left Leg, (Right Foot Facing Outward With Toe At 45 Degrees) Slightly Bending At Both Knees Circling Palms Upward And Outward Facing Away Toward Your Front At The Same Time Fanning The Fingers Of Both Hands In The Opposite Directions. Right Hand Fanning Right (From Little Finger To Thumb Across The Left Eye) And Left Hand Fanning Left. Your Left Hand Forming Into A Palm-Up Dragons Claw Crape, While Your Right Hands Forms Into An Eagle Talon’s Claw. (“Here The Right Thumb Is Pressed Into The Eye Socket With The Front Claws Gripping The Left Ear”).


2. Continuing To Inhale While Stepping Forward With Your Left Leg Over Right Leg. Reverse Fan Your Palm-Up Left Crape (Thumb To Little Finger With Palm Across The Right Eye) With Right Hand Forming A Dragon’s Claw Crape

3. Now Reverse The Left Crape Palm-Up Motion Fanning Fingers From Little Finger To Thumb Forming An Eagles Talon Claw To The Right Eye With Left Thumb In Right Eye Socket And Eagle’s Front Claws Gripping The Left Ear While Stepping Forward With Right Leg (Toe At 45 Degrees) In The Same Motion Raising Your Right Palm –Up Crape Into An Eagles Talon Claw With Right Thumb In Left Eye Socket And Front Claws Gripping Left Ear.


4. Continue To Inhale While Stepping Forward With Left Leg Crossed Over Right Leg And Transforming The Double Clawing Eagle’s Talon Fist’s Into A Double Palms Facing Forward Push.


5. Continuing To Inhale While Stepping Forward With Your Right Leg Crossed Over Left Leg And Form Your Left Palm, Palm-Up To Face The Right Palm, Palm-Sideways (Open Fingered Knife Palm, Chest High) And Turn Your Waist Right (Letting Your Left Palm Pretend To Push Your Right Palm As Far Right As Your Waist Can Turn, As If You Are Holding A Round Ball Between You Open Palms) And Push.


6. Continue To Inhale And Step Forward With Your Left Leg Crossed Over Right Leg And Form Your Right Palm, Palm-Up To Face The Left Palm, Palm-Sideways As In #5 And Turn Your Waist Left (Letting Your Right Palm Pretend To Push Your Left Palm As Far Left As Your Waist Can Turn, As If You Are Holding A Round Ball Between Your Open Palms) And Push.


7. Exhale While Stepping Back With Left Leg Crossed Behind Right (And Spinning On Right Heel) Into The Attention Stance (In The Opposite Direction) Rotating Palms Facing Downward!
Salute & Bow; (Left Palm Over Right Fist):
Do 7 Repetitions:





Grandmaster Reginald Hoover

Headmaster / 10th Degree Black Belt


White Crane Kenpo



Scope Of Requirements;

1.     Testing For Promotion May Be Through:

A.   Video Testing;

B.   Teaching & In Person;

C.   In Person;

     2.  There is No Time Limit For Testing Through 4th  Degree Black Belt or Chief Instructor; The new Sifu must be approved for 5th Degree by at least 3 members Of The Grandmaster’s Council:

Requirements For Testing:

Each New Sifu Must Show Proficiency In The Following Skills;

1.     5 Techniques Against Punches;

2.     5 Techniques Against Strikes;

3.     5 Techniques Against Kicks;

4.     5 Techniques Against Knives;

5.     5 Techniques Against Guns;

6.     5 Knee Breaking Techniques;

7.     5 Elbow Breaking Techniques;

8.     5 Hand & Wrist Breaking Techniques;

9.     5 Clavicle Breaking Techniques;

10. 5 Basic Teaching Techniques;

A.   Teaching Back-Fist Motion;

B.   Teaching The Animal Fist Striking;

C.   Teaching Multiple Knee-Lifting Kick Combinations;

D.   Teaching Elbow Striking Motion;

E.    Teaching The Thrust Kicking Motion:






Black Dragon Clandestine Combatives Institute Of Martial

Combat Women:

3M Karate Club - Linda L. Brown teaches Shotokan Karate in St. Paul MN 
The American Martial Way Association - Meghan Gardner - also Tuff Femme and Guard Up
American Women's Self Defense Association
Anderson Karate Institute
- Becky Anderson runs a Christian school teaching Kajukenpo combined with bible studies
Aoinagi Karate Women's Gasshuku 1999 - Jane Hedgpeth and here
Aoinagi Karate in Toronto - Isabelle Aubert and Anurag Tandon run this non-contact dojo out of Glendon College at York University
AskSensei - Q&A about Martial Arts - hosted by Roxanne Standefer and Claudio Iedwab - an extensive site!
Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors 
Bassai Women's Karate and Self-Defense - Deborah McCormick and Sherrie Course in Long Beach CA
Bay Area Model Mugging - full contact self-defense, nationwide

Black Dragon Association can also be found here or here - hosted by Frances Romney who has some insightful things to say
Mary Bolz
- instructs Pang Gai Noon Ryu Karate-Do Seibu Juku by video and personally out of Sacremento CA
Carolina Pines Women's Dojo - Mary Margaret Graham in Durham NC
Nina Chenault - Martial Arts Pioneer - and her dojo in Minneapolis MN
Chesapeake Martial Art
- Kim Heaney in Baltimore, Maryland - recommended – also home to Melissa Heaney and Elizabeth Sueferling

Christina Crank -
Sogo Goshin-Do Karate, seen through the eyes of a young National Champion. Lots of photos and information
Cole Martial Arts Center - Pat Cole teaches ITF TKD in Hooksett NH
De Stemart-Otto's Karate Page - a Shotokan instructor in CA

Devorah Yosiko Dometrich - a Ryukyu Kobudo specialist in Dry Ridge Kentucky
Dragonfire - the Nijmegen Dojo and the woman - pretty darn close to a force of nature

Dorset Goju Ryu Karate Association - Annie Morton and Penny Hughes teach traditional Goju Ryu in around the Poole and Bournemouth Area UK
Cary Dufour - a Sensei's wife - check out the reflections page - from Dawson Creek
Edmonton Women's Gojukai Karate Club Dana Nawata
Ilonka Elmont - the
Killer Queen fights Muay Thai out of Amsterdam and the Fighting Factory Carbin
Enso Center for International Arts - Bev Corwin et al run their multidiscipline center out of Seattle and Redmond WA
Mary Evans - Goju Ryu in Pickering, Ontario
Sheryl Baber Evans -
teaches Chinese Kempo Karate and Modern Arnis in Topeka KS at Hokkien Martial Arts with Andrew Evans
Michelle "GrappleGirl" Farrow - out of the Leininger Dojo in Phoenix AZ
F.A.T.E. - Facilitating Awareness Through Empowerment - Johnaleen Castro in Brigantine NJ teaches a broad spectrum centred around the Filipino martial arts
Feminist Eclectic Martial Arts - Kore Grate and Kellie Rose Jones teach Wu Chien Pat in Minneapolis MN
Feminist Karate Union - is a non-profit karate (Shito-Ryu) school for women and children under Aleeta Van Petten run completely by women volunteers in Seattle WA
FighterGirls - Debi Purcell, fighting out of Laguna Niguel CA, hosts this site with profiles of women involved in Mixed Martial Arts
Golden Mountain Kung Fu School - Valerie Lee teaches Chang Chuan (Longfist) and Chen Tai Ji in San Francisco CA
IMPACT Chicago - Self Defense for Women - Leslie Eto in Chicaga IL
IronRose - warrior women of the SCA
Isshinryu Bushido - Lisa Jones leads a dynamic team - Isshinryu in Indianapolis IN
Issues For the Female Martial Artist - Randy

Jeanette Wilde's Martial Arts Studio
- Kenpo Karate and Tai Chi in West Valley City UT 

Jessie & Edith - are learning Sanchin-Ryu

Kandan Martial Arts - Roland and Mrs. Ferrer - well organized, nice newsletter 
Laurel Jujitsu - JoAnn Strang/Lisa Hirsh in Oakland CA
Anne Lundbom - owner of Progressive Martial Arts School in San Fransico, Pride Scholarship winner, and Director of Youth Services at Community United Against Violence
Kick Me - Martial Arts Made Easy - Eliza Truitt
Deanna Koelzer - Jai Yen Yen 

Kuk Sool Won of Clear Lake, Houston TX
- Choon Ok Harmon 'The Iron Butterfly'

Deanna's Martial Arts Abode - highly recommended! 
June Castro's Feminine Fury - her personal/commercial site
Full Power Self-Defense - Laura E. Goodin in Keiraville NSW
Connie Gulick's Songahm TKD page - English teacher, MA instructor in the 'mountains of New Mexico'
Lady's Protective Athletic Gear - endorsed by Christina Crank and Stella van Huttum
Jussy Lowe - Thai Boxer out of Manchester and the UK Muay-Thai Association
Kamloops Women in Karate - Charlotte Robertson
Karate for Women - Monica Baillie in Vancouver BC
Karate Women School of Movement and Martial Arts - Maria Doest in Los Angeles CA
The Unofficial Karen Shepard Website
Kathy Long
Laura's Karate Page - Laura M. Seeley studies Shotokan in Fort Collins CO
Martial Artistry - the largest and most active kung-fu, wushu and tai chi school in New Mexico - Kayne Sirocco LaTrans in Albuquerque
Martial Arts Centre of Excellence - Lynne Tolcher-James coaches at the Ladies Academy of Kickboxing in Wales
Martial Women - a forum hosted by Sara Frank at
Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate of Santa Cruz - Lara Wendy Preston in CA

McGregor's Martial Arts Center - Sherry McGregor in Orlando FL

Martial Arts for Women Homepage - Janet Buchan hosts this site from Leeton NSW Australia
Marial Arts For Women - a book Jennifer Lawler - there is a rumour that Jennifer will be creating a website soon but she's worth a Google search by herself - a prolific author
Martial Arts Research Center - Diana Lee Inosanto and Ron Baliciki's multi art system 
M.A.S.T.E.R. Martial Arts Students & Teachers Educational Resource - Beverly Harris
Martial Hearts - a nationally recognized self defense and empowerment organization - Kerry Kollmar
Milton JiuJitsu - Robert Kranstz and Darlene Kranstz in Milton Ontario
MK Karate - Kim M. Boone teaches American Kenpo Karate in Secane PA
Stephanie Moon - martial artist and active fighter in Martinez CA
M.S.F.'s Place 
Chantal Nadon - a kick boxer from North Bay Ontario fighting out of the Twin Dragon Kung Fu & Kick-Boxing Club  
National Martial Arts Academy - Zhuang Hui is a top Wushu competitor out of Albuquerque NM
National Women's Martial Arts Federation 

NDG Karate Club
- Yoshukai karate - Louise Provencher - in Montreal - nice!

New Traditions - Celebrating Women in the Martial Arts - online magazine dedicated to women in the martial arts - monthly new features, articles, training tips...
Carrie Ogawa-Wong - from White Lotus Kung Fu in Northridge CA
O'Kaigan Shotokan Karate-Do - Mary Crawford in Saratoga CA

Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas - Ilene Smoger
Okinawan Karate Club of Ann Arbor - Barbara Christensen in Ann Arbor MI
Okinawan Shuri Ryu - Christina
Olivia Gerula - a competitive boxer/kickboxer out of Winnipeg MB
Karen Pacull - and here - European champion Brazilian jiu-jitsu 1998 trains at Suginoharu Ryu in Stockholm
The Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists - don't forget the annual training camp August 1-4, 2003
Paxton Quigley's Home Page - author of Armed and Female
Peaceful Dragon School of Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung - Wasentha Young in Ann Arbor MI
Perpetrate My Fist - by Carrie Rentschler
Problems and Stereotypes Women Face in Karate - Tenna Perry, not to mention her great website Survivor Haven
Quantum Martial Arts - Rachael Evans in Seattle WA 
Christine Bannon Rodrigues - in Warwick RI
Jessica Ross - out of Warrior Way Martial Arts in Walled Lake MI

Santa Cruz Martial Arts School & Zen Dojo
- Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu - Lara-Wendy Preston in Santa Cruz CA
Scorpy Girl's Homepage - a young aikido enthusiast
Seattle Martial Arts - Nhumey Tropp teaches traditional TKD and Hwa Rang Do in Seattle WA
Seductive Self-Defense - BBM article about June and Juli Castro
Senshido For Women by a Women - Helen Stranzl in Montreal Quebec
Seven Star Women's Kung Fu - Anne Moon and Michelle McVadon - scholarships and free daycare available - in Seattle WA
Sanaz Shahbazi - out of San Jose CA she started in TKD under Ernie Reyes Sr. and also trains with Frank Shamrock
Karen Sheperd - the karate diva
Shotokan Martial Arts - Bernadette Szarek in Oberlin OH

Shoukan-An Ninpou Taijutsu Dojo - the totally awesome site of Mariko Kobayashi

Suigetsu Dojo - Dara Masi teaches JuJutsu in Greenlawn NY
Suncoast Karate Dojo - Donna Judge teaches Okinawan Shuri-ryu Karatedo Sarasota FL
Sun Dragon Women's Martial Arts - Suzanne Pinette in Austin TX
Smith & Wesson's Women Only Page - kinda gives self-defense a whole new meaning
Suigetsu Dojo - Dara Masi teaches Hakkoryu JuJtsu in Greenlawn NY
Taekwondo Junkie
- a very nice page with lots of content from Allison Meador in Charlotte NC
Jessica Taran - trains under Ralph Gracie out of San Francisco CA

Throwing Like a Girl - Suzanne Fraser on the essay by Iris M. Young James Fallows

TKD college
- founded by Linda Rideout - nice site - a bit of everything and gateway to Lee's Tae Kwon-Do College in Canton, Mass
Erin Toughill - an MMA fighter and boxer out of Costa Mesa CA with a membership area(?)
Tuffgrrlz - articles, info - 'a gathering place for women martial-artists or women looking to get into some form of martial art' - recommended!

Melissa Rhiannon - on women, guns, and self-defense
Claire Reilly - Muay Thai fighter out of Milton Keynes, Great Britain
Jeana Stone - kick/thaiboxer from Plymouth, England 

Vision Martial Arts Center - Diane Reeve - TKD and Kobudo in TX - excellent article section
Linda Weber-Paolone - Shodan Shotokan Karate in Ontario

Wen-Do Women's Self Defense Corporation - based in Toronto, Ontario
Wenlido Women In Self-Defense Education - based in Western Canada
West Bank Karate Club - Nina Chenault in Minneapolis MN
White Horse Martial Arts - Barbara Dickens teaches 'The Universal Way' in Houston TX
Why Women Should Wield Weapons - Diane Skoss
Mary Wilson - teaches Goju Ryu at the Goshin Dojo in Hespeler Ontario
Wilson's Kyuki-do Martial Arts and Supplies - Kathy Wilson in Casper, Wyoming
Women's Boxing - amateur and professional around the world
Women's Center Karate Club - NY women only Shotokan Club founded by Susan Ribner
Women in Cha Yon-Ryu - Kit van Cleave
The Women's Forum - another excellent page by Randy
Women's Freestyle Wrestling - at the University of Minnesota-Morris also here and here or here or here
Women in the Martial Arts - from Julie Gabriel
Women in the Martial Arts - Shotokai from Sonia Lagaxy aka Amphipolis
Women in Martial Arts (SA) Incorporated – the South Australia Branch of this national women’s network – Mary Peachman and Karel Curran
Women's Kendo Association 
Women New To The Martial Arts
- from Monica Sharp at the Mining Co. 
Women in Karate - Angie Van Heel runs this nice new site about and for women in traditional karate
The Women of Karate - Connie Gulick
The Women of Kung Fu San Soo
Women's Self Defense - from the Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts - Ollie Batts and Julie Gabriel
Women's Self-Defense - by the LACAAW in CA
Women Warriors - a site by Janet Dtantirojanarat for the female practioners of Budo Taijutsu
Women Warriors of Japan - Ellis Amdur
Women Who Would Not Be Sheep - Women's Combative Sports in the Twentieth Century - Joseph R. Svinth
Worth Defending - Sharon Dane in Brisbane Australia
Timberhill Karate Club
- Reed and Myra Noss - Hayashi-ha Shito-Ryu Kai - in Corvallis OR
Tuyet Tan Dojo
- Cuong Nhu - the Vietnamese based style of Ngo Dong - Allyson Appen and Amy Weiner at Berkley CA - with history
Elaine Vance
Aleeta Van Petten
- in Seattle WA
Irma Verhoeff - out of Heemskerk, Holland

Xena's Kenpo Karate Web - an interesting page by Randy - recommended!


Christian Kenpo Karate Association Membership  Inquiries may be submitted to CKKA; 887 Verde St; Shafter; CA 93263 or by email at